Babies R Us

Normally, it's our inclination to avoid the disorienting experience of shopping in megastores. The unnaturally bright lighting, the echoing aisles in spaces the size of an airplane hangar, the inexplicable siren call of that bargain-priced, industrial-size box of Cheerios. But we have to admit to casting aside our consumer discomfort for the sake of convenience. Why make the trip from store to store searching for and debating the merits of diapers, wipers, car seats, high chairs, bassinets, onesies, and breast pumps? Not to mention all the comforting tidbits that ride along in a diaper bag, from pacifiers to blankies to Pooh rattles. And what expecting parent has not felt the sudden need to completely decorate the nursery with coordinating ruffles, bumpers, and diaper stackers? All that and more, more, more is on display here. It's easy to compare brands because they carry most all of them, and some helpful staffer or another is always close by to answer questions or to demonstrate the ease of unfurling a tandem stroller. It's true what they say: When life hands you a baby, make it easier on yourself!


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