When Coon Rapids police raided the residence of Robert and Myrna Kokesch on the evening of July 29, 2000, they weren't certain a crime had been committed at 341 106th Ave. NW. But they sure weren't in a mood to let any zoning violations slide. Acting on a tip that the middle-aged suburban couple was running a thriving swinger's club called Bobby's World, the cops seized more than 65 pieces of evidence--everything from business records to more than $7,000 in cash to a "vibrating penis and controller." Though authorities never did manage to make a criminal case against the couple, they had had the foresight to bring along agents from the Coon Rapids building inspections and fire departments, who cited the couple for numerous code violations in the 1950s rambler (including improper ventilation of a 26-person hot tub in the garage): enough to declare the home "unsafe for human occupancy." In the end, the Kokesches were allowed to return to their home about a month after the raid. But according to their Web site (, the club is closed.


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