How do we say this place is perfect without sounding over-the-top? Tucked in the first floor of a nondescript warehouse on a one-way street just off Washington Avenue North, Bev's is every bit as understated as its location. Yet there's something about the sparsely modern but warm atmosphere of this space that makes regulars out of many who just happen to walk by and wander in. Maybe it's the high ceilings, the exposed brick, the soft glow of candlelight on the tables that make Bev's feel intimate, almost like a secret hiding spot for those who just want to share a bottle of Bor Davi pinot grigio ($5.50/glass, $27/bottle) away from the madding crowds. Even the most hectic day gives way to a sense of calm after a few minutes here, where menu choices are simple: sharp Cheddar cheese, warm Brie, crusty bread, salads, or bruschetta ($5.25). And the wine list is anything but snotty: a standard selection of cabernets, merlots, chardonnays, and pinots, and most bottles can be had for around $25. The idea here is to savor food, drink, and friends--not to swirl, swish, and rub corks on your nose.

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Location Details

250 3rd Ave. N.
Minneapolis MN 55401


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