There's no doubt that Gov. Jesse Ventura is Minnesota's preeminent windmill--if only for the amount of hot air he spins. Phil Krinkie, the Republican legislator from Shoreview, might be the Minnesota House of Representatives' preeminent Don Quixote, by virtue of his vociferous and futile opposition to light-rail transit. Earlier this year Krinkie took aim at the governor's wallet, sponsoring legislation that would prohibit gubernatorial moonlighting like Ventura's gig with the XFL. Of course, in true Quixotic fashion, even if it were to pass Krinkie's bill would be unlikely to hit its target: It wouldn't take effect until after Ventura's term in office has ended. (And given the status of the XFL and the reviews of the gube's commentary, Ventura might be doing a lot less moonlighting next year anyway.)


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