Richfield Courts

Richfield, anyone? While many park officials are likely cringing at the sight of asphalt scarred by a six-month winter, these half-dozen courts just south of Minneapolis have fared remarkably well and will no doubt be in full swing come mid-May. Nestled on the edge of Augsburg Park near a residential street and behind the Hennepin County Augsburg Park Library, they're among the few lighted public courts in the metro area, catering to players ranging from novice to tenacious. It's easiest to secure a spot during daytime hours (the courts are open from 7:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.), while summer leagues often dominate the early evening. Court time is free, although a $3 reservation, available at the park, is strongly encouraged for nighttime play. There's a large backboard on site to keep impatient waiters on their toes.


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