Andersons mini-doughnut

Is Ed Anderson a genius? Here's a better question: Could any man with an IQ below 175 invent the Lil' Orbit automatic mini-doughnut machine? Since 1974 Anderson and his Minneapolis company have, by their count, produced 9 billion doughnuts through their itinerant (and noble) proxies at county fairs. That's roughly 1.47540984 Mini-Donuts for every man, woman, and child on the planet. How many of those deep-fried confections have been consumed at the Minnesota State Fair is anyone's guess. You can bet that your average 4-H Club member with a handsome hunk of mutton going after the blue ribbon loves a finger-size, sugar-coated dough-ring every bit as much as your indigenous Arakmbut Amazon dweller--though your Minnesotan will probably prefer to wash down a bag of Tom Thumb's finest with a cool Styrofoam cup of milk, as opposed to a fragrant ladle of cassava fermented with spit.


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