Given the length and severity of the winter that has finally, mercifully passed, the thought of putting on snowpants and schlepping a sled up a steep, icy hill on a butt-cold afternoon is probably the last one you'd care to entertain. But in a few short months (!), when the temperature drops again and the kids are sliding down the banister--or perhaps the inner child in you could use an altered state--you may be wondering about the best spot to schlep a sled up a steep, icy hill on a butt-cold afternoon. And that spot is Wirth Park, where speed freaks of all ages bring their sleds, toboggans, snowboards, inner tubes, and saucers to turn the winter wonderland into an icy Indy 500. On the afternoon we visited, loyal Wirth daredevils had sculpted a few snow jumps (or obstacles, as you prefer) to make the peerlessly long ride down even more harrowing. As an added bonus, the Wirth hill (which is lighted at night) allows you to ponder the Minneapolis skyline while falling to your doom. And inner tubes are available for rent just in case good ol' Rosebud isn't going to give you the sense of frozen shock that you secretly crave.

Location Details

1339 Theodore Wirth Parkway
Golden Valley MN 55427


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