May Day Parade

The trees might be turning green, the birds might be singing, and the temperature might have risen enough to allow us to trade our puffy, down-filled jackets for lighter windbreakers. But six months of relentless winter always leaves us a little paranoid: It may snow yet again. It is only with In the Heart of the Beast Puppet Theatre's annual May Day Parade that we can shed our fears of winter and join in a communal celebration of rebirth that is as joyous, giddy, and oversize as our emotions. When those two-story-tall puppets begin their haunting, wordless journey to Powderhorn Park, whatever remains of our seasonal depression slips away. The relief of it is enough to send spectators into tears when, along with the tens of thousands of other attendees, they begin to sing a song that finally banishes winter for another six months: Gene Autry's "You Are My Sunshine."


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