Not that we blame ravers for being edgy: From 7th Heaven to Coca-Cola spots, from Groove to the evening news, rave culture has gone from underground youth phenomenon to object of mass parental concern. Locally, the war on Ecstasy has led the city to crack down on public events that just resemble a rave. And kids who like the idea of partying in unusual places with unusual music might understandably feel persecuted--all patrons' names were taken down by police after a crack-house-style raid of an improperly licensed party last January (the cops say they turned up 83 Ecstasy tablets and 42 hits of LSD). That said, party people do tend to exaggerate. It's part of the culture. Raves are a glimpse, not a vision, of utopia; the music you're listening to is not necessarily the greatest music ever made in the whole world; and Ecstasy is not ecstasy. So despite the temporary closing of Cafe Fusion (1526 E. Lake St. in south Minneapolis) for one day last July, the drum 'n' bass DJ coffee shop did not permanently shutter its doors. Yet rumors to the contrary gained a surprising currency in the scene. Was it vandalism, police harassment, a meteor shower? No, just a momentary shortage of staff. Owner Paul Allen says the hangout and ticket outlet is still going strong. But just to keep you guessing, the joint currently has no phone; you can send e-mail to [email protected] to check in on the venue's health should you be seized by another bout of club hypochondria.


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