Chris Clouser

The baseball season of 2000 was still in its adolescence when the Minnesota Twins proudly announced that the team had a new CEO: Chris Clouser, a former senior vice president for Northwest Airlines. (Baseball, airlines--it's all business, right?) Clouser's primary goal was to sell the public on the idea that the Twins really, really, no kidding this time, need a new stadium. In June Clouser announced the formation of Minnesotans for Major League Baseball, a 118-member task force to advise the Twins on stadium suggestions. Over the summer he was the point man on the team's failed pitch to erect a temporary outdoor stadium. As the season ended, local scuttlebutt had him attempting to ax manager Tom Kelly, who proceeded to ink a one-year extension. In mid-December, on the heels of those accomplishments, Clouser hit the showers, abruptly resigning after a little more than six months on the job.


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