Humans often require privacy, even in public places. To put it delicately, the less of an audience one must endure in the lavatory, the better. If only all public restrooms were like those at the Monte Carlo. First, and most important, you get your own room. Not merely your own stall, mind you, where you must be a yoga master in order to hold the latchless door shut with your foot while avoiding actually sitting on the seat. Your own room: toilet, sink, mirror, and fully functional door that runs from floor to ceiling. Full-length mirrors help avoid the dreaded paper-trail-on-the-shoe/dress-tucked-into-the-pantyhose faux pas. For men, the shiny-black-tile décor evokes a Bret Easton Ellis novel, while the floor-level urinals cut down considerably on the back-splash factor. Fresh flowers and an ample supply of Kleenex, meanwhile, make the ladies' privy a veritable haven. (There's also an array of complimentary toiletries, from tampons to hairspray to hand lotion.) Long after you've digested your steak and slept off your six martinis, we guarantee you'll fondly recall the time you spent in the Monte Carlo can.

Location Details

219 3rd Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55401


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