Lee's Liquor Lounge

Though this joint has achieved near-legendary status as a great roadhouse for local and national live music, Lee's Liquor Lounge is still essentially what owner Louie Sirian calls a "saloon." And so on Sundays the regulars trickle in to catch the games in what was once a liquor store owned by former Purple People Eater Carl Eller. Viking faithful will soon be tripped up by bartender Bill Miller's on-the-mark loathing for the entire organization and his heckling of all who try in vain to root for the home team. Despite Miller's Wisconsin roots, the scene here on Sundays makes it clear that this is no Packer-backer bar, and the constant jousting between Miller and any Purple-Headed rube becomes the sideshow that swallows the main attraction. By the end of the afternoon, even the most ardent Minnesota supporter may begin to see things Miller's way: The more likely a Viking loss, the likelier he is to pitch in and buy a round.

Location Details

101 Glenwood Ave. N.
Minneapolis MN 55403


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