There are many beautiful paved trails in Minnesota--trails that wind through beautiful river bluffs and past exquisite prairie vistas. And many of these trails were considered for this category. But alas, the Northland, beautiful though it may be, is off-limits to skaters at least six months a year. Fortunately for the in-line-deprived there is help: Rollerdome. From November through April, the Metrodome's otherwise desolate upper and lower concourses become a makeshift roller rink, flatter and smoother than the best outdoor trail, complete with hippy-dippy music. The parking is free, admission is a mere six bucks ($5 for students, $4 for kids, thanks to sponsors such as Rollerblade, Chevrolet, and Power Bar), and wouldn't you know it? The place draws skaters from every walk of life--from the knuckle-kneed newbies trying out their new Xmas gifts to the wannabe Bonnie Blairs, to those folks who wear space-age helmets and skate in groups of three like weird dancing robots. Who are those guys, anyway?


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