Look, we hate to marginalize any facet of the crowd. And we hate to solidify stereotypes, especially the one that insists that all women athletes and their fans are a bit butch. Still, even if the National Basketball Association doesn't want to admit it, we will: Lesbians attend women's professional basketball games. The WNBA has a refreshing sense of community sorely lacking in the boys-will-be-boys attitude of men's sports, and nowhere is this more exemplified than at a Minnesota Lynx game. Amid the scores of fathers taking their daughters to the show, most of the Lynx fan base seems to be populated by lesbians ranging in age from their early 30s to their mid 50s, women who perhaps have sown their wild oats and are looking for something outside of the usual bar scene. Season-ticket holders get to know one another on a first-name basis; one woman claims that she has run into more sisters in the restrooms at halftime than at any other place in town. In fact, the Lynx organization seems to have a healthy, wholesome view of the scene, reaching out to its lesbian fans where other teams around the league turn a blind eye. The Lynx participate in events with the Twin Cities Quorum, a GLBT-friendly chamber of commerce, and some players have been known to march in the annual Gay Pride Parade.


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