The Saloon

Okay, so this category is a bit misleading. Everyone knows that the best way to meet gay men is through friends or at parties or through various leisure activities. But let's say you're feeling old, fat, unloved, in need of a self-esteem boost. Then welcome to the Saloon--a.k.a. "Old Faithful." This is one place you need never leave alone. The way men deny that they patronize this Twin Cities landmark, you'd think it would have gone out of business years ago. But the downtown dive still packs 'em in, especially during guest appearances by celebrities such as AVN stars and winners of national S&M beauty pageants. The Saloon is dark and foreboding enough to keep out the poseurs and the curious straight folk, but homey enough to draw an amiable regular crowd. The men get more assertive as you move from the front bar to the back, allowing you to find your desperation comfort zone before striking up a conversation. For the truly timid, computers with Internet access are stationed in several booths throughout the bar, allowing you to practice flirting with someone who can't see your face. So throw back a couple of Cape Cods, buy a couple of chances from the cute pull-tab guy, and throw yourself into the mix. Will you find love, or just a bad case of coyote arm? There's only one way to find out.

Location Details

830 Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55403


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