Go ahead and toss your money down the toilet at one of the state's cheap Sin City knockoffs. Just don't come crying to us when you've blown the Wisconsin Dells family-vacation fund in one debauched weekend because you were too foolish to heed the cardinal rule of casinos: In the end, the house always wins. The poker tables at Canterbury are different--sorta. Though the club takes its cut (up to four bucks per hand), you're not playing against the house; you're facing off against the seven or eight fellow card fiends at your table. Translation: You can actually win. Of course, that makes it a game of skill, and because the house gets paid, the margin of error is slim. That said, a session of poker is a far more satisfying way to blow dough than dumping $200 down a one-armed bandit calibrated to ensure that you walk out with less than what you had when you came in. Win some. Lose some. Feel the adrenaline rush of landing a flush on the last card (and the despair of folding what would have turned into a full house). And if you get burned out on cards, take advantage of Canterbury's other bona fide game of skill and throw some bucks at the ponies in the simulcast area--or, during the warmer months when live racing is featured, in the great outdoors.

Location Details

1100 Canterbury Rd. S.
Shakopee MN 55379


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