A first date is a delicate balancing act: You want to be able to talk to each other (only through conversation can you ferret out whether your date is socialized/interesting/funny/needy/psycho), but you also want an easy escape from those awkward pauses. The solution: a Friday night at the Science Museum. A meander through the exhibits is bound to reveal whether your date spent Saturday mornings watching Looney Tunes or Mr. Wizard. A variety of hands-on experiments facilitate information about your date's 1) color-blindness, 2) tone-deafness, and 3) potential heart arrhythmia--all useful tidbits to sock away for future reference. And if you truly run out of stuff to say early on, "Hey, why don't we check out the IMAX?" is always an option. After an hour of dizzying landscapes in the spherical Omnitheater, you'll at least have enough fodder ("Weren't those baby wolves darling?") for the ride home.

Location Details

120 W. Kellogg Blvd.
St. Paul MN 55102


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