Grumpy's Bar & Grill

Okay, okay, here it goes. An octogenarian, a neighborhood sheetrocker, and a cutting-edge hipster walk into a bar. The octogenarian says, "I'll have a Grain Belt Golden," and the sheetrocker says, "I'll have a Grain Belt Premium," and the hipster says, "I'll have a half-and-half, Premium and Guinness." And then they all get their drinks, and take them to tables where they're meeting their friends. Okay? And the hipster goes into the back of the room and plays Nintendo on the video screen, and then the octogenarian's wife comes in. Where's the punch line? Man, you don't need a punch line! This is the soul of the American pub right in Northeast, previously thought lost forever: People of various walks of life, united in the comradely consumption of beer. If you can't appreciate that, who knows how you'll ever get your head around the Washington Avenue Grumpy's, where they serve platters of Tater Tots, put on avant-garde art shows, and even host free alternative art cinema off in the little lounge.

Location Details

2200 4th St. NE
Minneapolis MN 55418


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