BEST MOM (2001)

Audrey Grams

There's no love quite like a mother's love. Still, Audrey Grams set a new standard for maternal devotion this fall, when she starred in a political attack ad on behalf of her son, then-incumbent U.S. Sen. Rod Grams, who was waging an uphill battle against DFLer Mark Dayton. The Grams campaign already appeared doomed at the time: His poll numbers were lousy, his troubled son Morgan had just been arrested on theft charges, and his then-girlfriend (and now wife) Christine Gunhus's name had turned up amid a political-dirty-trick scandal involving nasty anonymous e-mails about an opponent. Unfazed--or perhaps emboldened--by the circumstances, Grams's 76-year-old mère waded into the fray. The resulting spot, which aired toward the end of the campaign, features Audrey Grams accusing her son's opponent of "lying about Rod and trying to pull the wool over our eyes." Then, in her best folksy Minnesota patois, she concludes, "Mark Dayton? Uff-da! Vote for Rod."


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