Walking into Moscow on the Hill you are instantly hit with a wave of nostalgia. The paisley-print scarves draped over the lights, the worn red carpeting and matching red tablecloths and drapes, the antique dishes lined up on wooden shelves--all this is warmly reminiscent of Thanksgiving dinners at your grandmother's house. Now imagine that your grandmother made her own cherry-flavored vodka and you have Moscow on the Hill. Forget about the sterile white walls, mod furniture, and tiny glass lamps hanging down from the ceiling. This is not your typical martini bar, and these are not the martinis your father used to drink. With more than 45 different vodkas to choose from, why not update your drink (for a not-unreasonable $5.75)? Start off with the blackberry-flavored Anastasiya, a ruby-red mix of raspberry Stoli and chambord; or a Russian Lemonade, with lemon Stoli and coconut Captain Morgan's; or for those of you who just can't part with the classic, try a more traditional drink like From Russia With Love, a strong combination of Bombay gin, Stoli, and dry vermouth. Then for the perfect complement to an order of chocolate mousse ($3.00), try the Mercedes 600, a mix of Stoli Vanilla with Kremlyovskaya chocolate, or Mikhail's Martini, a sassy blend of Stoli Coffee and Stoli Vanilla with a splash of amaretto that gives this drink a smooth yet intense liquor flavor that will have you remembering just why Russian vodka should never be sipped, but always swallowed.

Location Details

371 Selby Ave.
St. Paul MN 55102


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