Rich Kronfeld

For years Kronfeld was best known to local audiences for his hyper-anal character, Dr. Sphincter, for whom tightness and rightness were one. He popped up a lot on local cable access and did some advertising work. Maybe you saw him fronting a band at the Terminal Bar. Maybe you even saw Kronfeld display his dramatic side, when he starred in Shut Up, Little Man at the Bryant-Lake Bowl. Maybe you missed that one. (Just as well.) Five years ago the Sphincter character began to morph into the giddier, goofier, powder-blue-blazer-wearing Wally Hotvedt, cohost of a locally produced TV program called Let's Bowl. The show, featuring a mix of comedy, bowling, and music has become something of a local legend, airing late nights on cable access and, later, on KARE-TV (Channel 11). After years of trying to break through to a wider audience, in late 2000 Kronfeld and his co-conspirators (co-executive producer Tim Scott and cohost Steve "Chopper" Sedahl, to name just two) shot a pilot for Comedy Central. In April came the news that the cable network had picked up the show. Starting in August it will air on prime time. Congratulations, Rich and Co. By fall, we figure Let's Bowl Fever will have overtaken the nation, and kids will be begging their mothers to please buy them the Wally Hotvedt action figure. But we knew him when.


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