Joe Mauer

This year saw some staggering accomplishments in high school sports. Matt Nagel of Frazee became the only wrestler to win five state championships. Roseville's Renee Curtin ended her five-year career in girls' hockey with a record 544 points and two state championships. Still, in a year of standouts, only one athlete dominated in three sports: Cretin-Derham Hall's Joe Mauer. Resembling St. Paul's own Dave Winfield, Mauer reigned as the state's top quarterback in football, a long-range shooter in basketball, and a power-hitting catcher in baseball. He has led Cretin-Derham to the state playoffs in all three, and led his football team to the state championship his junior year. With 41 touchdown passes this season, the graduating senior was named the Gatorade's National Player of the Year in football. The Twins are still wooing him with a million-dollar contract. But alas, Mauer seems bent on attending Florida State to play college football.


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