Unlike its geographic neighbor, the gargantuan Uptown Arts Fair, and other overgrown summer gatherings, this unassuming yet fun-filled little festival didn't back up local traffic for blocks. It didn't feature national music acts (washed-up or not), but instead hosted a variety of local performers (Matt Wilson being one highlight last time around). It was a one-day thing, so we had to deal with the weather we got, no procrastinating. About now you may be wondering why we've been employing the past tense here. The sad fact: The end has come for another of the Twin Cities' beloved warm-weather get-togethers. The Lyn-Lake Street Fair has gone the way of Cedarfest. The Lyn-Lake Business Association honchos feel their goals for the fair have been reached--namely, cleaning up the neighborhood and establishing it as a legitimate business district in the eyes of city leaders. Additionally, some grants were lost, making future fests an expensive prospect. Too bad. Last summer's fair took place on a sweltering August day, so hot that we saw more water consumed by revelers than beer. Neighbors met one another for the first time, or for the first time in a long time. We walked home exhausted from the heat but happy, with a sense of community and a free yo-yo.


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