St. Pauls Farmers Market

It has been said that Minnesota's two seasons are winter and road construction. Let's amend that to "winter and farmers'-market season." While we may strike an unhappy accord with the former, accepting subarctic wind chills with a stoic sniffle, winter in Minnesota does make summer's glorious bounty all the sweeter. And there's no better place to sample summer's fleeting delights than the Twin Cities' oldest and best-loved farmers' market. It's a movable feast--besides the main weekend location at Fifth and Wall streets downtown, the market boasts numerous satellites in and around the city (see the Web site for details, as well as updates on the market's ongoing search for a year-round indoor home)--and one that features a dazzling selection of fruits and vegetables, not to mention meats, fowl, and artisan-made cheeses. And unlike the (much larger) Minneapolis Farmers' Market, in St. Paul everything is locally produced. As the poet ought to have said: Gather ye asparagus, rhubarb, and raspberries while ye may; winter is just around the corner.


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