The Quest

For the past several years, the Quest, located in the historic Wyman Building, has raised the bar (so to speak) on the quality of Twin Cities nightlife. Though it remains a newbie in comparison to other local venues (it opened in October 1990 as Glam Slam, under the ownership of the Artist), this luxurious club's association with the super-booking agency Compass Entertainment helps bring in the bigger names for semi-reasonable prices ($15-$25). In recent seasons, the Quest has enjoyed success in playing to both the dance-music and pop/rock fans with shows from Richie Hawtin to Orgy. The Quest constantly snags the most anticipated DJ tours (e.g., Funky Techno Tribe, Planet of the Drums), and takes care to represent all types of dance music through a wide variety of major headliners. The resulting audience is hip, clean, and unyielding when it comes to energy. (This could be due to Red Bull consumption and the youth factor, as dance-music shows are 18+.) At the same time, the Quest has consistently valued features that are too often ignored by its competition--most definitively comfort, courtesy, and event quality. At least in the club world, size does matter. The Quest's spaciousness is one of its greatest attributes, allowing for bigger event bookings and ultimately less irritated patrons--people seem to be happier when they aren't forced to stand back-to-belly with strangers. And if the sole purpose of a dance club is to supply the public with a place to get their groove on, then the Quest, with its massive hardwood dance floor, has its priorities in order .


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