Glen Mason

Following the Gophers' humiliating loss to North Carolina State in the Bowl, you might think coach Glen Mason would either hang his head in shame for a couple of weeks, hit the streets and sign some hot recruits, or go on the mother of all benders. Mason settled on a fourth option: He attempted to hustle his way into one of the most prestigious gigs in all of college football, head coach at Ohio State. While Mason's brass-balled bid to become the top Buckeye flopped (Ohio State hired a Division II coach instead), you gotta admire the guy's chutzpah. It wasn't the first time Gopher fans got a view of Mason's naked ambition. In 1999, after just his third season with the team, Mason interviewed for jobs at both LSU and Michigan State. While he claimed to never be serious about either gig, he quickly wangled a lucrative new contract out of the U of M, doubling his annual salary to one million. Who could have guessed then that Mason would put himself on the market again just a year later? After a 6-6 season? After blowing a 24-point lead in a bowl game? One can only imagine the demands Mason will make if he ever actually gets around to winning in the postseason.


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