Victor's, Southtown attached bar

Let's face it, bowling is not best enjoyed as a sober activity. Sure, there are plenty of people who take this "sport" seriously, and the sheer number of league games that take place at this particular alley attests to its status as a well-kept venue. The nights, though, are left open for the rest of us, who may need a little liquid courage to really get the ball rolling, so to speak. Victor's, Southtown's attached bar, fits the bill nicely, with stiff drinks and plenty of other distractions like several Golden Tee games, dartboards, and an overwhelmingly purple poolroom. Best of all, the true meaning of the word cosmopolitan is on display here every Sunday night, when Xtreme bowling--that is, unlimited games for $14 after 9:00 p.m., with the addition of black lights and loud music--attracts a very diverse crowd. A recent evening spent among the crashing of the pins found us eavesdropping on mullet-headed beer guzzlers debating the merits of Julia Roberts's Oscars dress, enjoying the spectacle of young parenting and overstimulated kids, and observing teenagers of every color pushing flirting rituals into high gear--it's easy to get over feeling awkward when everyone is wearing goofy shoes.


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