In the Garage: All Ages Underground

Easily shaping up to be one of the hippest hangouts around, the Dinkytowner Café is letting the kiddies get in on the deal, with "In the Garage: All Ages Underground" every Sunday at 7:00 p.m., sponsored by KFAI and Radio K. Since the cancellation of First Avenue's "Spectrum" Sundays, the all-ages crowd has been dispersed: Ravers enjoy open turntables at Cafe Fusion, suburban kids bop along to the likes of Daisy Head Mazy at the Garage in Burnsville. And metro-area underagers can flock to the East Bank to hear local rockers like Faux Jean, Janis Figure, the Plastic Constellations, 12Rods, and Smattering. In a culture that seems to tell kids they aren't allowed to take in the live concert experience until they can buy a bloody mary, this promising stab is much needed--and at $5, is affordable even for those whose entertainment budget comes solely from an allowance.


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