As Morrissey sang, we hate it when our friend become successful. "What," we start to wonder, "are they too good for us now?" If your friend is a restaurant, you're bound to feel the same proprietary interest. Take the case of Quang. The success of this Minneapolis perennial--they recently moved into larger, brighter digs across the street from their former home--tracks with the renaissance of Nicollet Avenue's "Eat Street." The secret of Quang's unassuming excellence is undoubtedly out; on weekend evenings it's sometimes difficult to get a table. But although success often breeds hype, this workhorse of local Vietnamese cuisine stays a true course: good, fresh, inexpensive food sans frills. The best choices here are invariably the simplest: The noodle soups and salads, flavored with refreshing bursts of lime and cilantro, are always a casual joy (and, at less than $6, an affordable one). The bánh-mì sandwiches--delicious fillings snuggling comfortably in a bed of soft bread--remain one of the best lunch options around. We might feel a little left behind by Quang's growing popularity, but this longtime friend's familiar embrace keeps us coming back.

Location Details

2719 Nicollet Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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