Sometimes when we nosh at this reborn Minneapolis treasure, we take our server's advice and order the gaeng (or curry) of the day, and are presented--as we knew we would be--with a complex and multilayered dish of meats, seafood, or tofu; vegetables; fresh, aromatic herbs; and a sauce redolent with spicy or rich seasonings to bind the whole thing together. And we've dabbled in the portion of the menu devised by Chef Chavhivan "Bou" Haanpaa and her husband Gary Haanpaa entitled "classic entrées"--17 dishes, half spicy, half not, priced from $12 to $22, depending on the quantity and variety of meat, tofu, or seafood you want in them. And who doesn't like stir-fried noodle dishes like the pad bai ga-prow, holy basil stir-fried with Thai chile and garlic? Those are all well and good, but the dish that keeps calling us back to the King and I's warm, softly lit garden grotto in Loring Park is the med ma-mueng prik pow, described on the menu as a roasted hot-pepper sauce with onions, peanuts, and cashews. We've had it with chicken, with shrimp, and with beef, as the menu suggests. But we like it best with the sauce-napping cubes of fried tofu. Sometimes, even though these portions are mammoth, we eat the whole entrée, lean back on our plushly upholstered banquette, and finish the spice-infused Thai martini we didn't expect would be so irresistibly potent, or the bottle we selected from the thoughtfully chosen and affordable wine list.

Location Details

1346 Lasalle Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55403


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