Every once in a while some knucklehead stands up and makes his knucklehead opinion known, and that opinion is this: that Manny's is no better than one or another of the upscale chains. Now, why is such a person a knucklehead? Because if he were a meathead, he'd know that the specially dry-aged (There is no wet aging! Wet aging is a chain-restaurant lie!) steaks at Manny's (ordered medium rare or rarer or just be a vegan!) are to beef what the finest sushi-grade tuna belly is to tuna. And if that knucklehead were a bonehead, then he would recognize the superiority of the rib eye, and that the closer he cut to the bone on Manny's rib eye (near $40, and worth every penny!) the sweeter and winier and more thunderous the meat. And if that knucklehead were a cheesehead, he might have picked up a thing or two about wine, and he would recognize the dizzying depths and shocking rarities displayed on Manny's list of American reds. The only good thing to say about such a person is this: It's hard enough already to get a good table at Manny's, so godspeed, you little knucklehead, may you always get exactly what you desire.


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