This renovated Stillwater storefront veritably whispers romance, from the brick walls to the dark wood to the table linens and place settings. The lighting is low but not distractingly so, the atmosphere suffused with quiet elegance, though not so much so as to intimidate: Whether you choose to be seated in the intimate back room with its view of the kitchen, or the more formal front room, you'll have no doubt that your fellow diners are enjoying themselves, but neither are you going to be battered about the head by that realization. To take full advantage of the possibilities that abound at this Mediterranean paradise on the St. Croix, we recommend that you call in advance and arrange to be served chef Tim McKee's tasting menu. (If you ask nicely, they might even give you a specially printed menu to keep as a memento of the evening.) And as long as you're planning ahead, why not go ahead and book a room at one of the local bed-and-breakfasts? After a meal like this one, who's in a hurry to drive the minivan back to reality?


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