New King's Buffet

If you are afraid of humans the size of cars, do not come to New King's Buffet. Because they are here, staked out in booths like bears in lairs, getting ready for an Alaskan winter, piles of king crab legs stacked up like firewood before them. Sometimes they take the entire gallon container of melted butter from the buffet back to their table. Don't ask. But also, don't be afraid. They aren't after what you're after; you're here for a dizzying array of Hong Kong specialties: handmade peppery pork dumplings, sweet fried sesame-yam balls, candy-apple-crisp roast duck, two-finger-size, head-on, salt-and-pepper prawns, baby cuttlefish in a delicate anise-scented sauce. And, um, you know. Jell-O. Chicken nuggets. Soft-serve ice cream. Lettuce. Bacon bits. Gluttony was never so appealing to so many.

Location Details

5927 John Martin Drive
Brooklyn Center MN 55430


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