Spare us the fancy, dainty concoctions passing as desserts at many chichi restaurants around town. When it comes to sweets, we have no use for orange slices brightened by sprigs of mint. We want chocolate and custard and cream cheese. We want real whipped cream, and we want butter. Oh, and one more thing, we want BIG portions. Clearly then, our first choice for dessert spots is Cafe Latté. On a recent visit, we heard the woman waiting on us whisper, "Good choice," as she heaved our slice of cheesecake topped with fresh strawberries ($4.25) onto a plate with two hands. But later she confessed her true love for the more understated raspberry streusel tart ($3.75), and Cafe Latté's famous German chocolate cake ($3.95). Both were delicious, especially the tart, which had just a hint of cinnamon in the crust. But we pushed everything aside to finish every last bite of the Italian fruit cream tart, which somehow managed to taste light and airy despite its cream-cheese filling and generous topping of fresh kiwi, strawberries, and blueberries ($3.95). So we had more room for cake.


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