If you're trying to find a co-op that hasn't turned into a gourmet supermarket, look no further than Hampden Park Co-op. Formerly known as St. Anthony Park Foods Too, for 12 years this little nook has offered up a wide selection of organic produce, grains, and meat in a cozy space that always smells delicious. Choose from a case full of cheeses offering everything from tame Colby to ripe, rich Camembert. Don't be afraid to ask the staff what to do with things like tempeh, egg replacer, or rice syrup. And if you're not much of a cook but would like an alternative to fast food, the deli case is filled with scrumptious, healthy things like turkey Waldorf-salad sandwiches, hummus, and pasta salad. Or ladle up a steamy bowl of homemade soup with fresh herbed whole wheat bread for dinner. At $30 per household, the (optional) memberships are affordable. (Further discounts can be had by members who volunteer at the co-op a few hours a month.)

Location Details

928 Raymond Ave.
St. Paul MN 55114


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