El Burrito Mercado

Let's take a moment to compare Mexico and Minnesota--they're not as different as you might think. In music, Mexico has mariachi and cumbia and frontejas, and we've got polka. In food, they've got hot tamales and hot chiles, and we've got hot dish. Drinkwise, Mexico is known for margaritas and agua de frescas, and Minnesota for Grain Belt beer. In literature and politics, Mexico is known for magical realism and realpolitik, and Minnesota has both in the form of Jesse Ventura. So you can see, despite the great geographical distance between the two, Mexico and Minnesota are pretty similar places. Which is why it should come as no surprise then that you can find a first-rate mercado mexicano right here in San Pablo--uh, St. Paul. This place has it all: Great Mexican food for eating there or taking home, wonderful Mexican produce and grocery products, baked goods, fresh drinks, even Mexican gifts and furnishings. El Burrito Mercado is the best of two worlds that are not so far apart after all.


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