In ancient Greek mythology, the horn of plenty, or cornucopia, was an enchanted goat's horn that would fill with whatever its possessor wished. It was a gift from Zeus to a beloved daughter, whose appetite for milk was limitless. In the Twin Cities, the closest thing to a horn of plenty, O you who lust for chilled lactic products, is the waffle cone wielded by any counter worker at the Grand Ole Creamery. These cones are pure magic: still warm from the iron, thick and cakey, large and bountiful. And they are filled with a seemingly limitless supply of the best ice cream in the state--likely, in fact, this side of the teat of Zeus's goat--freshly made, buttery and rich, not a hint of chemical additives, and flavored as beautifully as Greek ambrosia. There are no boutique flavors here, just old-fashioned favorites such as homespun pistachio, fruity and tart strawberry, and a no-nonsense vanilla that even the gods would have loved. No doubt the Grand Ole Creamery would have found favor in Olympus.

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750 Grand Ave.
St. Paul MN 55105