Joey D's

The lack of respect accorded the hot dog in modern American life is unconscionable. One of the linchpins of cuisine in this country, the frankfurter is too often treated like a mere assemblage of miscellaneous animal parts. Thankfully there are a few venues around town where the hot dog is still king. The Wienery, on Minneapolis's West Bank, serves succulent Vienna beef dogs, topped with all the trimmings or doused in chili. You'll also do fine with the various takes served at Eli's in downtown Minneapolis. But when it comes to selecting the numero uno tube-steak purveyor in the Twin Cities we always come back to Joey D's: A mere $2.35 nets you a classic Chicago Vienna beef, reverently adorned with mustard, relish, onions, hot peppers, tomatoes, celery salt, and a slice of pickle, all nestled in a poppy-seed bun. On warm days take this culinary masterpiece outside and enjoy it at one of the shaded patio tables; in the winter months dissect your dog indoors surrounded by Chicagoland sports paraphernalia. Either way you'll leave Joey D's blissfully stuffed to the gills, your faith in America restored.


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