This category is always a horse race. The three perennial contenders--Christos, It's Greek to Me, and Gardens of Salonica--are all classy thoroughbreds, but none of them quite pulls ahead of the others. Gardens is the cheapest of the three: A complete meal for two, including wine, shouldn't run more than $25. Gardens also has the coziest atmosphere--the summery interior décor and nice people are a big plus--but it's small and tends to get crowded most evenings. Christos, the genteel patriarch of local Greek restaurants, also has great service and skordalia to die for, though it's a bit pricier than the others. It's Greek to Me, meanwhile, though a longtime favorite of Minneapolis diners, is saddled with a cheese-bucket name (would anyone have put their money on Secretariat if he'd been named Greased Lightning?). On the plus side, It's Greek To Me might have the best food of the troika. You'll rarely go wrong ordering from the daily specials, and the restaurant recently added a large patio with a fountain that's simply lovely on summer evenings. In this perennially neck-and-neck race, all of that is sound enough reason to declare It's Greek to Me this year's best in show.

Location Details

626 W. Lake St.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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