As you enter this 27-year-old Minneapolis institution, you're blinded by the bright yellow-orange display of citrus fruits. Then you turn and see the wall of greens--springy lettuces, spinach, collard greens, and kales that look as though they came from the garden this morning. You'll find half a dozen types of mushrooms, from crimini ($4.99 a pound), to portobello ($5.99 a pound), to shiitake ($9.49 a pound). Almost all the fruits and veggies here are organically grown and everything is fresh, fresh, fresh. Thick, javelinlike asparagus spears ($4.49 per pound), rhubarb (fresh daily, at $3.49 per pound), and lemongrass ($4.99 per pound). You'll find all the basics (carrots, green beans, broccoli, eggplant), as well as more unusual finds such as taro root, purple potatoes, and cherimoya, which, the sign explains, "tastes like tropical custard; soft and spotty when ripe, uglier the better." It's like having a farmers' market all year round. And where else can you squeeze your tomatoes and thump your melons while listening to a white-haired gentleman whistle a merry tune as he picks out his wheatgrass?


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