Moscow on the Hill

The character of St. Paul's Cathedral Hill neighborhood is a throwback to the quiet River City of yore: elegant, genteel, and welcoming. As such, it's the perfect setting for the elegant, genteel, and welcoming Moscow on the Hill, a fusion of French style and Russian soul, which, like its environs, charms with its unassuming authenticity. While Moscow on the Hill is a fine place for a quiet lunch (the borscht and babushka stew are modest, hearty choices), it's best in the evening, when locals gather to nibble à la carte (the blinis and the smoked-fish platter are favorites) and imbibe some cheer. Speaking of imbibing, no meal is complete without a generous sampling of Russia's national dish, vodka. Moscow on the Hill excels in the spirits department, with a list of vodkas from the Ukraine, Estonia, and the motherland. The restaurant even makes its own vodka: a smooth, sweet, cherry-flavored drink. A few glasses will put you in the mood to savor the Hill's old-world charm.

Location Details

371 Selby Ave.
St. Paul MN 55102


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