Porky's drive-in

Ray Truelson was a man in tune with his times. After stints running a root beer stand and the Flattop drive-in in south Minneapolis, in 1953 Truelson opened Porky's drive-in on University Avenue in St. Paul. The signature item on the menu was a hamburger with an onion ring plopped on top of the bun. At the height of its popularity, Porky's boasted four local outposts. Over the years the lure of drive-ins waned, and every Porky's location closed. There was a darkness upon the land. But lo, in 1990, the original Porky's in St. Paul gloriously reopened. Technically it's no longer a drive-in; there's no carhop service. But many folks still eat on site, pulling their cars into a parking space after buzzing through the drive-thru window. On weekend evenings during the short, hot summer, the drive-in is a magnet for classic-car buffs and serves as the center of the University Avenue cruising scene. Truelson died in 1994, but his legacy lives on. Honor his great works by ordering up a few of Porky's habit-forming cheeseburgers and a chocolate malt, while sitting in your car under the watchful eye of a grinning neon pig.


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