This bustling indoor bazaar, crowded into an unassuming office building on East Lake Street, has more culinary options per square foot than anyplace else in the Twin Cities. While the half-dozen tiny restaurants clustered around the first-floor food court consist of little more than a menu and a grill, they do add up to a staggering buffet. You could, for instance, grab a bag of three dozen tortillas at Tortilleria la Perla, a bowl of rich corn soup at Otra Cocina, a huge cubano sandwich at Manny's Tortas, a couple of tasty chicken tacos at Taqueria la Hacienda, Salvadoran pupusas at Comales y Cazuelas, deep-fried churros at La Loma Coffee Shop, and a glass of fresh fruit juice at the adjacent Reyna de los Jugos. And here's the beauty part: You can try all these items--and dozens more--for no more cash than you might fish out of your car's change-holder.


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