You can keep your fancy burgers laden with all manner of vegetables, sauces, stinky cheeses, and enough other crap to require a knife and fork for consumption. As we see it, the best burgers are simple, and in keeping with the spirit of such a food item, they don't come from anywhere you'd have to dress up to visit. No, they come from neighborhood corner taverns like this, where they have not a kitchen but a grill behind the bar; where anything on the menu can be had for less than $5 (including tax!); where there are beautiful, kitschy gold vinyl booths, and food is served in baskets. At Matt's, there is one kind of cheese (American), and they never ask how you want your burger done. The regular burgers here ($2.15), are fine, but the sandwich that keeps us coming back for more is the Jucy Lucy ($3.85). Sure, it's a gimmick of a burger with an annoying spelling, but this gimmick is a damn good one: two grilled beef patties wrapped around sliced cheese, grilled some more, and served on a soft bakery bun. There's really only one major decision to made here--onions: fried or raw?

Location Details

3500 Cedar Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55407


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