Who would have guessed that ecstasy could cost a mere $2.99? That's the going rate for a Turtle Bread cherry swirl. It's the size of a salad plate, and the flaky, buttery pastry is nothing less than heavenly. Toss in the glaze (sweet, but not sickly) and the cherry filling (tart and juicy) and you have a truly magical breakfast moment. Then it's time to ogle the cakes and pies. The carrot cake is tall as a skyscraper ($21 for a small one, $39 for a large). The key-lime pie bursts with zesty-sweet citrus ($15.99 plus a $2.50 pie tin deposit). And then there's the opera cake ($11.99), a recent addition to the lineup. Named for the Paris Opera, the dainty layers--almond cake soaked in coffee and rum syrups, filled with coffee buttercream--resemble a music sheet. The snap of bitter coffee permeating the smoothest, butteriest cream imaginable makes every single bite like lightning. Of course, you can't leave without sampling the bread. Try a delicate French baguette ($2.99) or a loaf of the meaty Jewish rye ($3.99). It wouldn't be hard to spend an entire day here in a true taste orgy.

Location Details

1080 Grand Ave.
St. Paul MN 55105


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