Hometown boy-made-good Mike Sherwood sure has won us over with his bagels. The rounds bear chewy crusts and thick layers of toppings, and they emit the sweet, biscuity fragrance you hope for when you rip into one. Sherwood takes extra points because of his good Dunn Bros. coffee, and he's so eager to please he even (and this is so unheard-of) delivers orders of $25 or more to anyplace within three miles of the Bagelry's Lexington-and-Larpenteur location. Sherwood worked in North Dakota (!) learning the art of bagel making, and he does a stand-up job at making the things--especially considering we live in such a blueberry-white-chocolate-chip-bagel sort of world. Who says birth is destiny? Sherwood proves all you need to make great bagels is a love for the things.


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