Joe Schmit

Sure, he's a blowhard. But tell us, what sportscaster isn't? Schmit is the King of the Blowhards for two reasons. First, his Sunday-night show, Sports Wrap, is the best of the bunch. It features the usual stew of plays of the week, game recaps, and insipid banter. Yet Schmit also sneaks in some thoughtful interviews and intelligent commentary. Last year, for example, he devoted a whole show to examining Viking coach Denny Green's contentious relationship with the local media. The second reason that the veteran KSTP broadcaster is our sports guru of choice is that he has the rare attribute of telling the truth-- even when it doesn't reflect well on the sports franchises that are his bread and butter. At one point, Schmit blithely asserted that the NFL has no intention of allowing the Vikings to move to Texas and that Carl Pohlad is making out just fine on his investment in the Twins. Of course, such sentiments don't come as great revelations to thinking folks, but they are truisms rarely heard from the mouths of our boosterish sports pundits.


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