Huie's summa poetica

If you spent any time on Lake Street this past summer, you were part of photographer Wing Young Huie's six-mile-long ode to the Twin Cities' most diverse artery. Perhaps you stopped to admire one of the black-and-white photos placed in storefront windows along Lake Street--images of drifters, artists, cowboys, teenagers, mothers, poets, and everyone in between. Maybe you glanced at the larger photos hung on the side of the Great Lakes Center near the corner of Chicago and Lake while driving by. In any case, we were all part of Huie's summa poetica, because it was about all of us: The three-month public exhibition of 600 photos taken over three years constituted a giant mirror held up to Lake Street's many faces. It reflected a graceful appreciation of our city's changing present with a message that was beautifully simple: Keep your eyes open.


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