Paul Magers

Those piercing eyes, that elegantly coiffed hair, that chiseled bone structure--Paul Magers would be the hottest local broadcaster even if he joined co-anchor Diana Pierce in selecting a wardrobe off the T.J. Maxx clearance rack. But it's the suit, that mini-houndstooth check paired with the harvest-gold dress shirt that keeps viewers tuned in to Channel 11 between Law & Order and Jay Leno. The soft sweaters and precisely creased Dockers Magers has donned for public-service announcements make him look accessible without detracting from the air of authority essential to a head news anchor. And although F. Lee Bailey and the cast of The Sopranos are really the only ones who can look good in pinstripes, Magers makes the pattern appear subtle yet distinguished. Perhaps the most annoying thing about Magers's on-air wardrobe is that his most important accessory is obscured by a desk, though viewers are probably safe in assuming his shoes are fabulous. Minnesotans may not want to hear about weather or sports or road conditions anymore, but as long as the news is delivered by KARE-11's own double-breasted stud, no one is going to hate the messenger.


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