Jaidee Forman

The Theatre de la Jeune Lune and the 15 Head companies don't share an aesthetic, exactly, but when performers from one company show up on the stage of another, it isn't at all surprising. Both companies are meticulously, and often comically, physical. Both companies seem to enjoy creating radical new versions of classic, and sometimes forgotten, plays. Both companies are often wildly experimental and seem to thrive on collaboration. But when Jaidee Forman took the stage in the recent remounting of Jeune Lune's The Green Bird, her presence felt inevitable. An artistic associate with 15 Head, Forman has appeared in virtually every performance by the company, worked on script development, designed costumes, and choreographed the company's complex physical language. But it is as an actress that Forman has really distinguished herself. One can scarcely imagine another local performer who could move between the grotesque, lowbrow comic characterization that Forman brought to Green Bird and the stylized, elegant, intellectually dense approach she devoted to the depiction of Coco Chanel in an original one-woman show, Coco. Forman seemed exactly right performing for the Jeune Lune; a month later, performing for 15 Head, she seemed exactly right again.


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